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Los Angeles, CA 90014

Daughters of Culture specializes in high performance active wear for the modern woman in her busy lifestyle, focusing on vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints from around the world. The trend-driven collection transitions effortlessly throughout the day from hot sunrise yoga to a steamy date at dusk! Luxurious, waterproof and anti-microbial material has four-way stretch for a naturally flattering fit, a comfort waistband with top stitch elastic to prevent any fabric roll, and quick-dry moisture wicking.  Bra tops and tankinis are manufactured with comfortable, soft fabrics and designed to capture a woman’s graceful back, featuring crisscross straps, mesh detailing and an array of unique colors. Daughters of Culture makes every day extraordinary with culturally inspired prints that stand out from the crowd. Get ready for compliments wherever you go!

Daughters of Culture


Rey C



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