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Daughters of Culture specializes in high performance active wear for the modern woman in her busy lifestyle, focusing on vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints from around the world. The trend-driven collection transitions effortlessly throughout the day from hot sunrise yoga to a steamy date at dusk! Luxurious, waterproof and anti-microbial material has four-way stretch for a naturally flattering fit, a comfort waistband with top stitch elastic to prevent any fabric roll, and quick-dry moisture wicking.  Bra tops and tankinis are manufactured with comfortable, soft fabrics and designed to capture a woman’s graceful back, featuring crisscross straps, mesh detailing and an array of unique colors. Daughters of Culture makes every day extraordinary with culturally inspired prints that stand out from the crowd. Get ready for compliments wherever you go!

Fashion + Yoga

Yoga becomes your life... {by Clarissa Mae}


The last time I bought a pair of high heeled shoes was several years ago.  I was at Macy’s looking for a pair of heels for a big event, which happened to be my wedding.  I found a few pairs to try on and asked the store clerk to bring me a 6.5 which is typically what I wear in heels and flats.  A had selected several styles to try, not quite sure what I wanted yet.  When she brought me the shoes I tried them all on.  Interestingly all of the pointy-toed shoes didn’t fit.  Anything with a rounded toe was ok, but I thought to myself, did my feet grow?  They haven’t changed size in over a decade.  As I looked at my feet and my shoes I replayed all those moments barefoot on my mat, strengthening my feet and legs, my body and mind and realized, my physical yoga practice had made my feet change! 

The practice of yoga, the movement, the breath, the mindfulness and all the other limbs of the practice have a way of infiltrating our lives.  The more you practice and spend time on your mat the more the practice follows you off.  It’s so interesting as someone who has had a physical yoga practice for over 10 years and has been teaching for close to 5 to continue to be amazed when this happens.  Just the other day I realized as I was working with my pup who was being especially stubborn and bitey while we trained that my threshold for losing my temper, getting frustrated had changed and shifted again.  My husband will tell you I’ve changed just since we met over 5 years ago and I attribute a lot of my ability to breath and process before I react to my yoga practice. 

I share many of these stories and similar ones in my Yoga Foundations course with students to encourage them to stick with it and to become more observant with their practice and their time on their mat.  I have found the more I am able to be present on my mat the more I can be present in my life off of it.  Whether you have been practicing yoga for a long time, a short time, I think this shift becomes more and more apparent.  It’s even changed my fashion sense.  I find myself more drawn to flowing shapes, happy patterns & earthy feels in textures and materials.  Because I teach full time and wear yoga fitness clothing everyday, I actually prefer less structured pieces when I am not teaching.  It’s actually one of the reasons I love Daughters of Culture so much, I can wear their happy fun patterns in leggings and then put on my Prayer Gown and feel completely free and uninhibited. 

How has the practice changed you?  Are you more aware of your breath, your movement, your thoughts and the patterns of your mind?  Do you find yourself taking a deep breath before you react to a situation or even realizing you don’t have to react at all?  Yoga is a lifestyle, it’s more than just a fitness regimen, it becomes your life. 

I joke that yoga has ruined me to be an unconscious member of society and has made me that annoying person who breathes really deeply while writing her blogs at the coffee shop.  I find that I am able to process events that happened in the past with more compassion for the people I thought were out to get me and understand that all of those events I thought were happening against me were actually happening for me, to bring me to this place and this moment of realization.  I do my best to honor all the teachers I have had over the years and the great lessons they taught me & continue to live my life in light and understanding.  And the chances of me wearing pointy-toed shoes again is probably quite slim, but I’m ok with that.  Honestly I’d rather go barefoot if I can help it!  I’d love to hear about your practice and what shifts it has made for you, share a story of a moment you realized your practice had followed you off your mat, out of the studio and into your life.  

Your Body And Mind Will Be Grateful


2016 has set its tone, and the holiday is so close we can almost smell it! Your body & mind are in need of a detox that will prepare you for the cold season & the awakening of nature. What better way to do it than through clean, nutritious, delicious food & yoga practice!

Vinyasa yoga allows your body to flow gracefully from one asana to another, dancing to the rhythm of your own breath. Every inhale enters a pose & every exhale deepens it.

It’s Like A Little Show You Play For Yourself.

You can make it as intense or relaxing as you want, playing with asanas as you practice. Sometimes your body might surprise you and take an unexpected turn, resulting in an asana you never thought you could perform or a feeling you have never felt before.

Being a dancer my whole life, my body fell in love with the creative and natural style of vinyasa, & it’s my favorite one to teach. This February, I wanted to explore Ardha C Ardha Chandra Chapasana & the way I like to enter it the most - through Natarajasana.

This transition is one of my favorites because it incorporates a little bit of everything - stretching, balance, forward bending, a little twisting & backbending. It brings new energy to your body, strengthens your core & opens up your heart, which all combined, detoxifies your body in a wonderful, natural way.

  1. Starting from Tadasana, the first step is to find balance on your working leg. Take a deep breath and reach for your toes. Push your hips forward and feel the mula bandha & uddiyana bandha working to center your body.

  2. From here, inhale, open your heart and pull your leg back & up, leaning forward & reaching with your other arm into a mudra in front of your face. Relax your shoulders & smile. Feel your center, and take 5 deep ujjayi breaths.

  3. On your 5th inhale, reach forward and exhale as your fingertips touch the ground diagonally off your foot. Open your heart & inhale, allowing fresh oxygen into your lungs & pull your leg behind your back as much as your body needs to fully stretch out. Stay for a couple of breaths and slowly com back to Tadasana. Now, of course, repeat on the other side.

Combining Yoga Practice With Healthy Food Is The Ultimate Way To Prepare Yourself. 

Give yourself that extra boost of energy we all need when winter fades away. Your body & mind will definitely be grateful for it.

Writing + Visuals by Karla Tafra

Apparel by @daughtersofculture

Something Fresh: Just in time for Summer, the Prana Wrap Bra in Mystic Black


We see that fierce lioness trapped inside you who craves her fitness fix! Wrap your fun-loving, naughty side in our summer Prana Wrap Bra for all your adventures! Aptly named for prana, or the original life-force, meet our cozy and magnificent new Prana Wrap Bra, showcasing your vibrant life force wherever you go. Tie it around your heart for your own sexy, signature styling during everything from cross fit to yoga to jogging to a hawt date. Get it in Mystic Black to match pretty much everything in your closet. We know, Kittenpants – you have a joie de vivre that demonstrates you are a force to be reckoned with. Rawr.

Stylist/Designer: Peggy Khoucasian  /  Writer: Christie Cole

Photographer: Shawna Wilson  /  Yogi: Jen Esquer

Blessings to your beautiful womanhood!


Moeder. Ahm. Majka. Maman. Mutter. Makuahine. Madre. Mama. Emak. Mother.

Commemorating Mother’s Day with 20% Off All Apparel!

We love celebrating the singular relationship of mothers & daughters! We’re sending a very special shout out to all the Yoga Moms of the world, who raise daughters with a strong foundation. You inspire us, empower us, and love and support everything we do from the time we toddle around as little girls, until we become mothers of our own and pay it forward.

Being responsible for another human being as a parent is one of the noblest undertakings in the world. Your mother claimed you from the moment you took root in her womb, adopted your little spirit, or simply took you in as one of her own. You would not have been born without one, and every mother began as a daughter!

Help us celebrate with code LOVEMYMOM for 20% off your order.

Blessings to your beautiful womanhood now & always from Daughters of Culture!

For a Body That Gets Busy 24/7


Your body is on fire and workin’ all the time. Introducing the Breath of Fire one piece for every body in our spectacular Art Deco-inspired Mosaic Mudra! We took the bodysuit from basic to brilliant. Your inner feminine kaleidoscope shines in the complex yet deliberate patterns of Mosaic Mudra, and coupled with side mesh paneling for plenty of breath with every moment, you’ll definitely have that wake-you- up sex appeal! The confidence of one piece coverage and just the right amount of rise in cut for the leg line still keeps our body suit ballet classy yet full of moxie in our trademark Daughters of

Style it solo or with endless possibilities: layers of shorts, leggings, tights, flowy tops, or whatever you feel like!


Stylist/Designer: Peggy Khoucasian  /  Writer: Christie Cole

Photographer: Shawna Wilson  /  Yogi: Jen Esquer



The Pure White Collection...


You don’t need someone to walk you down the aisle to enjoy our Pure White Collection.

Get it now in our Flash Bra 2.0 and super cool new Sunrise Flow Legging! These cool as snow in summer pieces will lift up and pop out any colorful prints you wanna match to ‘em, or be BOLD and go all-white for a show-stopping entrance that reads loud and clear that you are woman and force to be reckoned with.

Well, if you DO want to wear white for the purposes of getting hitched, we’re not gonna stop you from doing it in your Sunrise Flow leggings. Go ahead and do cartwheels down the aisle if you wanna with a rose between your teeth. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Stylist/Designer: Peggy Khoucasian  /  Writer: Christie Cole

Photographer: Shawna Wilson  /  Yogi: Jen Esquer



Your Closet is Hungry for Sacred Geometry! Meet our Sacred Angels Collection for the heavenly Goddess inside you. Match the Sacred Angels Divine Legging with the corresponding patterned Infinity Bra, or mix things up a bit with the Sacred Angels Goddess Short instead, and throw on the Cosmo Bra for a bright pop of citron color. A woman always needs options!

Our Go Anywhere, Do Anything Collection boasts unstoppable sacred geometry at the heart of the Sacred Angels print. This easy-to-wear, unconventional print offers options from Short to Legging to our eye-catching Infinity Bra – the only limits are the ones you decide on! Try our Goddess Short with retro citron-hued trim to add some fun to your day and rock the final dog days of summer. In light 4-way stretch fabric, your figure will shine at any angle and echo your inner spirituality to the outside world wherever you go.


Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Yogi: @_deannareeves_  / Photography: JQ Williams

)( Reach for the Stars )(


This Holiday Season, Reach for the Stars in Neon Galaxy Leggings!  We live in a tremendously big world with so many exciting things to explore, and now you get to wear that lofty idea every day. The gorgeous blue-hued Neon Galaxy print dances down the legs of the Divine Legging and wraps around your heart in our matching Prana Wrap bra: a worldly spiritual reminder for yoga and a celebration of this world when you go out to play in it.

You belong with the sun and moon and stars up in the Milky Way! You already wear the solar system like a heart on your sleeve, being a woman of the world, right? Inspired by this great big beautiful galaxy, enjoy being a part of the rhythm of the universe every time you wear the Neon Galaxy Divine Legging. Our incredibly comfortable Prana Wrap Bra in matching print will fit every curve and give you that distinct look you want, whether you wear them together or individually as a highlight to your BoHo street look.

Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Yogi: @_deannareeves_  / Photography: JQ Williams

Saying Yes To Your Dreams



If money were no object, if age and physical strength were not an issue, if you could dream the biggest dream possible and make it be so – what would that be?

…did you just find yourself a fantasy-land with a magical snap of your fingers? I know I did! Sure, there are that likely won’t happen this lifetime, as in I will never be an Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast. However, on the other hand, why do we often quickly dismiss the things that we truly want to be doing as impossible? Here are a few thoughts to ponder before trashing something that is in your heart:


 Re-orient your thinking. We have to live in the light part of life, in an elevated life condition that dwells in happiness, instead of the part that automatically says it’s impossible. We may still encounter things in our environment that discourage us. But if you never open yourself up to entertain that possibility, that’s already a guarantee it won’t happen before you even try.

 In order to re-orient your thinking, surround yourself with positive things that make you happy. For me, to see things in the light, to live a life that raises my life condition and helps me dwell in happiness, I practice Buddhism, amongst other things. For you, it might be meditation, yoga, religion, swimming, listening to opera, eating healthfully, the mountains, or photography. Find those things and make the integral parts of your life.

 Remember actual work is involved. It probably will not be easy. Do the work, be patient, and don’t be swayed by things along the way that seem like they’re telling us ‘no. If we didn’t have to work for anything, we probably would not appreciate it. If everything we ever wanted came easily, we may not even want it anymore. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Right? And then what’s special about a dream that feels like you merely went through the drive-thru at a fast food chain?

 Challenges are under appreciated friends. An obstacle is really just a trampoline that lifts us where we need to go. Resistance is a force that pushes us or allows us to push back! It’s coming into your life to help you be stronger, reinforce what you want, or adjust your vision to something better. Without it, it would actually be harder to get where we are going.

 Consider the form your dream may come in. Be open to the possibility that it might not be exactly what you pictured, but it could also be absolutely perfect for your life. In other words, when it’s knocking at your door, your ears need to be open to hear it! There’s a saying in Buddhism that you didn’t come to this life to master suffering—you came to be happy. Dreams are a part of that fulfillment! And when you take care of that part of you, when you open yourself up to a process that may go slowly but is the path toward your true happiness, everything becomes possible.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ~~Pablo Picasso

Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Photographer: Camila Cardozo / Model: Katrina Amato

{Breathing Through the Pain} Living in the Moment.


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

Simply living life means you will inevitably acquire physical injuries and heartache. Pain is a misunderstood friend, though, as much as it feels like an ultimate fun-stopper! It tells you when there is something wrong. How else would you know that you have been hurt? This enlightened side to pain keeps us humble. It helps us learn. Through the wisdom and first-hand experience of dealing with pain ourselves, we also foster empathy toward others, learning how to nurture our loved ones through their own pain, as well.

Pain is also wonderful for incredible awareness of the present moment. Breathing into pain, in particular, lets you allow the sensation in so that you can feel it. Using your breath in order to honor and recognize what you’re going through lets you open up. You’ll probably unearth a lot of things you didn’t want to see or feel, and you’ll have to work through it, bit by bit. Sometimes even when we are happy, breathing through things causes old feelings to bubble up to the surface and cause pain when we weren’t expecting it at all. Double whammy, right? But I ask you: what is the alternative? If you have emotional housekeeping to do, it’s not going to go away by itself, and if you have a cut on your hand, it’s probably best to address it and wash it, right? Time can definitely be a factor in healing things, but your breath can be such a wonderful gift during this process. We can appreciate all the aspects of our lives, not just the good things.

When you get right down to it, we all have baggage and we all have things about ourselves that we have to deal with. So what if we have to work through a little ‘damage’ along the way? What is so beautiful about the human experience is that with all the imperfections we’ve collected along the way, we are all ‘imperfectly perfect’ just as we are. You’ve come a long way, baby, and we still have a long way to go, but everything about it should be celebrated as beautiful and perfect, just like you!

Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Yogi: @_deannareeves_  / Photography: