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Daughters of Culture specializes in high performance active wear for the modern woman in her busy lifestyle, focusing on vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints from around the world. The trend-driven collection transitions effortlessly throughout the day from hot sunrise yoga to a steamy date at dusk! Luxurious, waterproof and anti-microbial material has four-way stretch for a naturally flattering fit, a comfort waistband with top stitch elastic to prevent any fabric roll, and quick-dry moisture wicking.  Bra tops and tankinis are manufactured with comfortable, soft fabrics and designed to capture a woman’s graceful back, featuring crisscross straps, mesh detailing and an array of unique colors. Daughters of Culture makes every day extraordinary with culturally inspired prints that stand out from the crowd. Get ready for compliments wherever you go!

Our Team

Visionaries of a Better World

Meet the collaborative brain trust of gurus behind Daughters of Culture:  artist friends, designers, photographers, marketers, writers, dreamers, gypsies and world travelers! We’ve come together to offer you the latest and greatest in culture and fashion, celebrating what it means to be a sisterhood of women.

Peggy Khoucasian is the brain child and forward-thinking designer behind Daughters of Culture. Celebrating sisterhood and honoring the oneness of humanity and culture, the Brand merges original, dynamic images with the humanities, fashion and movement. The resulting creations are snapshots and silhouettes that are courageously inspired by travels, life and unique self-expression. The collection of trend-driven pieces reflects the active woman’s everyday lifestyle, meant to be worn effortlessly, everywhere.

Some Q&A with the Woman Behind the Brand!
Where do you find inspiration? I ask myself this question almost every day—and it's always a different answer. Because my emotions are what truly drive my creativity, I listen to my inner self to guide me. I open myself up in different ways to let the creativity flow. It all starts with me; if I'm resisting myself, I resist my own creativity. Fortunately my passion for designing doesn't allow me to do that. Because I feel so aligned with my purpose, I allow that to drive me to wherever the inspiration is. It can be a coffee shop, where I check out the floor tiles or the wall paper. It can be someone’s front yard, and the colors from the garden might influence the upcoming color palette. I try to change up my environment so I can feel the experience of something new.  Traveling is a huge part of my inspiration, because I love to find new, unusual prints and art that are inspired by different cultures. I love finding ways to incorporate them into my designs.

Any tips for finding life/work balance? Empowering yourself to incorporate your lifestyle and your work together in one. For me, it came about one step at a time. I began practicing yoga and started designing for a yoga brand under my mentor, who was a yogi for more than 20 years. I didn't realize at the time that one day I would be designing my own yoga-inspired clothing line. It was all lined up for me. I had no clue what was in store! I dove into the world of yoga, signed up at a studio and made a promise to myself that I would try my best to go as much as I could.

I connected with people at the studio and my yogic community grew with time. I was constantly collaborating with photographers, yogis and other designers on projects that felt more like fun than work. I believe there is something in our brain that tells us we can't have fun and make money at the same time. But with time I realized that was handicapping me. I had associated work with a meaning that wasn't true to me, and I had been holding on to it for a very long time. Once that realization was made, I had a breakthrough. My job became fun; it became exciting. There was no more "I can’t." At this point I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do. In reality, I gave something a try before I quickly said “no.”

My biggest advice is to let time be on your side. Your inner timing is everything! If you feel a strong, internal calling to do something, and the people you admire and love are constantly telling you that you are great at something, LISTEN to them! They see something in you that you might be brushing off. Support is critical when you are growing an empire. Then trust yourself to accomplish your dream.

Favorite Yoga Pose? Lord of the Dance Pose, Natarajasana.  It’s fiercely feminine yet powerful at the same time. I like the balance of both masculine and feminine energies. 

Dream Vacation Destination? At the moment I must say it’s somewhere tropical and serene like Bali: Eat, Pray, Love style. As a woman I'm always seeking spirituality and balance, and being somewhere like Bali would really ground me.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee is my BIGGEST guilty pleasure. It’s a ritual in the mornings. I wake up, grab my coffee beans, mix them up, and then I throw them into the grinder to create my own concoction. The thought of coffee in the morning makes me jump out of bed! I try to discipline myself by limiting consumption to one cup a day :)


Our Collaborations!

Peggy Khoucasian has worked with numerous local brands in a multitude of outlets, with a focus on women’s apparel.  Her expertise spans active wear, contemporary and resort styles, and she has collaborated on trade shows, design meetings, photo shoot direction, and on-set styling. She also has experience working on the road as she travels extensively for both her brand and work-for-hire.

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