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Facial Glass Cupping Set


Facial Glass Cupping Set of Two {Tools for Skin Vitality}

After years of being introduced to skincare products, tools & techniques I decided to share some of my favorite products with you all!

I am so excited to be offering skin care products on your healing journey as I have seen this help me so much. Part of our feminine inner connection is bringing daily practices to our skin

Glass cupping set is great for toning, lifting, & fine lines. It really plumps up the skin & once you try this you will feel such a difference when you skip out on this daily routine. 

We recommend playing around with both sizes to see w hat feels best on your skin.

These tools are essential to bringing the lymphatic energy to balance.

The skin on the face rarely gets massaged so using HEALING tools with oils really does wonders.

Promotes blood circulation, Improves fine lines, wrinkles, Relieves tension from muscles, Improves Circulation & Blood Flow, Prevents sagging, Brightens the skin, Decreases puffiness, Regulates the skin, Firms, Lifts & Tightens.

 This daily ritual can really make such a difference.

I highly recommend taking a photo the first day you start & then committing for 30 days & seeing the difference.


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We're ethically sourced: DOFC only uses fair trade materials produced in small batches by sustainable business models and environmentally friendly fabrics.

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