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Daughters of Culture specializes in high performance active wear for the modern woman in her busy lifestyle, focusing on vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints from around the world. The trend-driven collection transitions effortlessly throughout the day from hot sunrise yoga to a steamy date at dusk! Luxurious, waterproof and anti-microbial material has four-way stretch for a naturally flattering fit, a comfort waistband with top stitch elastic to prevent any fabric roll, and quick-dry moisture wicking.  Bra tops and tankinis are manufactured with comfortable, soft fabrics and designed to capture a woman’s graceful back, featuring crisscross straps, mesh detailing and an array of unique colors. Daughters of Culture makes every day extraordinary with culturally inspired prints that stand out from the crowd. Get ready for compliments wherever you go!

World Of Culture

Our world is so big & beautiful! So many magical places to see, one culture at a time. Part of our journey has been sourcing fabrics & materials, while traveling finding hidden gems without ever looking for it. We know it can be difficult visiting a foreign country, a lot of research & planning goes into it. We're here to help out! In our 'World of Culture' blog we will share beautiful places we visit, unnoticed art that we come across & all other creative things that inspire us.  All the must see's!! We like to find the underground, not so known findings which really gives you the feel of the culture.

Culture x Travel x Art

The Divine Mother


We so fortunate to have incredible, strong women & amazing mothers who are a part of our Daughters of Culture community!

A few have graciously gotten personal with us about the awesome adventure of motherhood. Check out some of their beautiful thoughts on being a mother & carrying the heart of their children everywhere. 

Everyday, I enjoy taking a moment to give thanks and praise. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. I thank my God, my family, and my baby for this journey. 

There will be so many things I will discover on how to be the the right mom for my baby. I look forward to the knowledge I will gain and the new experiences I will go through while I serve as a mother.  AND, I simply can't wait to hold that warm little body who will be calling me mama for the rest of his life! 

Ashley Moss

You know that your life is about to change forever when you are expecting your first child, but it is nearly impossible to know how, exactly things will be different. You have your childhood experiences to draw from. There are plenty of books to reference. Then there are mothers, friends, doctors, nurses and midwifes who each have their own experiences and opinions to share. You can be well prepared, but you never truly know what to expect until you become a mom and experience it yourself.

When my first child was born, I never felt more love in my life than I did at that moment. I experienced love on a whole new level. The love you feel for your child is like no other. I also quickly realized that the pregnancy books I read lied to me. Baby’s poop at least twice as many times in a day than the books quoted...

Another fun aspect of being a mother that I overlooked is that I get to relive my childhood. I’m fortunate to be able to live in the same small community that I was raised. My kids and I take nature walks, garden in our backyard, go sledding and make snow angles, visit the same swimming holes my parent took me to, and I’m probably more excited to teach them how to skip rocks at the river this summer than they are!

I’m not going to lie; my practice has changed since having kids. I practiced yoga off and on for 16 years before I had children. Although my practice may look different now, one aspect remains constant, my breath. As cliché as it may sound, paying attention to my breath is how I release stress and allow my body and mind to find balance. Breathing is my go to tool. It is always right there ready to utilize! In short, being a mother can really try your patience. It’s about recognizing when things get hard and breathing through those moments.

Tara Huff


You absolutely must give yourself as much self-love as you need without a grain of guilt. Until you are filled UP, you can not give fully to your little loves, friends, husbands, and others in your life. Take long baths when the kids are asleep, drink that glass of wine, book that massage, go out with your best friend. This is okay AND necessary in order to truly be present with your babes.

I was shocked to observe that almost all of my body issues and food issues essentially vanished after having children. I think watching my body go through 9 months of change in the most amazing of ways—to create a beautiful baby—made me get outside my own head and obsessive thoughts about not being good enough. Being a mother is an honor, and being a woman with the ability to create, grow, and birth a child is a blessing. I treat myself much more as a blessing now than ever before in life. It's helped me to find PEACE with who I am.

Sophie Jaffe

Gaby Lanz

Because in the end, we are all children of our mothers at heart.
Daughters of Culture donates products to local LA women’s shelters, supporting women in need everywhere.
Happy Mother's Day!



If you empower a woman, you can change the world. ~Oprah

When the women of the first world continue to stand and uplift the women of the third world, we will unite as one.

When you think of an Empowered Woman, what is the first word that comes to your mind?

A Leader?
A President?
A Healer?
A Creator?
A Lover?
A Mother?
A Daughter?

The #IAMADAUGHTER CAMPAIGN shows the endless expressions amidst the essence of a woman; A Daughter.

A vision brought to life uniting women of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds to display the fluid and connected nature of being a woman. It doesn’t take long for women gathered in a room together to quickly recognize ways to support one another.

She will do it when she is angry.

She will do it when she feels betrayed.

She will do it when she is deeply wounded.

We lost one another somewhere along the way. When we began to value achievement above connection. External acceptance above inner radiance. Stoic strength above enchanting vulnerability.

....But we are finding each other once again.

May we all aspire to fully embrace the Empowered Woman within us. For it is only then when we can truly inspire the power of another. Respected for our minds. Admired for our hearts. Connected for our vision.

And may we do it with onesty, strength, and most of all, ith heart.

With Infinite Love,
DOFC sisters...

Written by Silvy Khoucasian
Stylist & Assistant Director /  Peggy Khoucasian
Photographer & Assistant Director / Nolwen Cifuentes
Video & Editor / Kim Bodem

She said yes & the universe appeared {by Paige Rene}


“She called herself an angel, & wandered the world from girlhood till death. She lived every kind of life & dreamt every kind of dream. She was wild in her wandering, a drop of free water. She believed only in her life, & only in her dreams. She called herself an angel, & her god was Beauty.” ― Roman Payne

 Roman Payne describes a “wanderess" as a woman or girl who travels the world or her country in search of meaning or else engaging in artistic pursuits.

June 26th was the first day of my new life. Most Sundays I was in the habit of heading down to Old Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California, to do Yoga at “The Green.” This particular Sunday I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, fed up with how I had allowed certain situations to unfold and progress. I had been doing a lot of complaining and hadn't been taking much action. I bumped into a friend who started telling me about a trip to Thailand he had coming up. When I made the comment, “I wish I could just quit my life and go do whatever I wanted for a while,” his response was, “Coming from a person who just did exactly that, I say go for it.”  

Whoa. It had never occurred to me that it might just be that simple. So the next day I did just that:  quit my life and asked myself what it was that I wanted to do.  

Belize, Sayulita and Costa Rica were the top three places on my current bucket list. It didn’t make much sense to keep my expensive apartment in Venice Beach, California, while I traveled, so I gave my 30 day notice and began to pack up what I couldn’t sell. I moved my things into my sister’s apartment in Phoenix and bought plane tickets to the three places I knew I wanted to see first. I figured finding places to stay would be easy so I’d worry about that later. 

Belize was first. When I googled “yoga resorts,” Royal Belize Resort popped up, so I jumped on my Instagram, found the resort’s account, sent them a DM asking if they offer any kind of work trade program for yoga instructors and within a few hours I received a response. A few days later I met with someone from the resort who coincidentally (I use that word loosely, there are no coincidences, everything happens just as it should) lived in Venice when he wasn't in Belize, and we booked my ten day “working vacation” at one of the sister properties in Placencia, Belize.  

Next was Sayulita, Mexico. A girlfriend of mine that I had met while teaching at Red Diamond Yoga in Palms, California, had moved to Sayulita a few months before. I sent her a text, told her the dates I’d be visiting and asked if she could refer me to a good place to stay. She told me her landlord rented out the Casita next to hers and that she actually needed someone to watch her dog for her a few of the days that I would be visiting, so I could just stay in her place while she was gone and rent the Casita next door until then. 

Costa Rica was the third trip I had booked. My ability to network might just have been my most valuable asset. Another girlfriend of mine that I had met through working with Daughters of Culture in Los Angeles (best brand ever!!!!) had recently moved with her husband to manage Nautilus Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I told her when I was planning to visit, and I was able to work out another work trade deal with her and Nautilus resort. 

I didn’t know very much about the three places that I had chosen, aside from just a feeling I was supposed to spend some time there. When I released the need to control and gave up the fear of not knowing (how I was going to make money, where I was going to stay, etc.) and just trusted, the universe seemed to make all the rest of my planning “easy.”  

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” ― Jim Rohn

June 26th, 2016 was the day I decided to stop talking and start doing. I stopped merely dreaming that my life would change and started instead to live my dream. My whole life I had been working and saving. Talking about traveling and all the places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do. Living in places that didn’t make me happy, wasting my time complaining and bitching about how I wish this or that were different but not doing anything to actively bring about change. I read Michael Singer’s “Surrender Experiment” at the beginning of the year. The book presented the idea of how different our lives might be if we started saying yes more often and kept our minds open. Rather than saying yes to someone or something else, I decided to say yes to myself.  

In the yoga world there is a lot of talk about how when you are on your path, the universe provides. When you worry about money, there is never enough, and attachment is what causes suffering. Nothing has ever felt more right than my decision to let go and go see. I’m not worried about money. Right now there seems to be plenty of it, and the more I travel, the more I realize all of my attachments and belongings are really just “baggage,” emotional and material. I don't need all the things I once thought I did to be happy: a fancy phone, access to Whole Foods, expensive beauty products and designer clothing. I’m learning that I'm happiest in a bikini, sitting on a beach eating fruit from a tree I passed walking down the street, and none of what I just described costs anything. Well, maybe the bikini (there are lots of nude beaches, though). 

You know the saying, “Life is a bitch?” Well, it doesn't have to be. I don't want to be one of those ordinary people who says, "One day I will do this (and travel the world)." I want to have fun, I want to make the most of all of my moments. There is no perfect timing. So right now I am making the time for the things that are important to me. While most people waste a lifetime of creating dreams (and never realize them) I’m doing everything to fulfill my dreams presently. Change is good. It’s what brings about personal growth and expansion. I’m seeking beauty and a life of purpose. To give into fear is to become a victim of your mind.  

As Wayne Dyer says, “Go for it now, the future is promised to no one.” 

Written by Paige Rene. Outfit by @daughtersofculture



I used to travel a lot, and even now, when I arrive at a hotel, I like to unpack completely even if it’s only for a day or two. I put my lingerie in one of the drawers, hang up my dresses, line up my shoes in the closet, and arrange my eau de toilette along the sink. It somehow makes me feel settled in, gypsy-style, not having to search through folded items strategically placed in my suitcase that inevitably hide whatever it is that I am looking for and melts me into a puddle of frustrated confusion. I feel at home.


Some places I’ve lived, like Toronto, felt like home the minute I started wandering the streets through Kensington Market and along Queen Street West. For other places, ‘home’ crept up on me. It was many years before I returned from a trip to NYC and breathed a sigh of relief at the LAX baggage claim; somewhere along the past decade, Los Angeles snuck up behind me and made me an Angeleno.

Home is not just a place, now, though, is it? A song on the radio. A memory. The crisp inhalation of air on a cold autumn day. A favorite yoga pose that releases everything in your chest. Your mother’s arms around you when you were five and fell on the sidewalk and skinned your knee. An earnest smile from a child as she gives you the first art project she ever made for you at preschool. The sincerity behind someone’s words when they welcome you into their apartment and listen to all that’s going on in your life. A lover who sees the most embarrassing, ugliest parts of you, at your absolute worst, completely exposed, who makes you feel safe no matter what.

Home is a feeling. It’s that wonderful, freeing place you want to come back to over and over and over again, hopefully something healthy and that means the world to you. Home is where the heart is, yes; home is, moreover, where your heart feels that it wants to be.

Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Yogi: Michelle Muench / Photography: Big Camera Man

Love with Wild Abandon, Love with Sincerity, Love with Purpose...


We love our customers & want to share the love with 20% off all apparel for Valentine's Day! From our heart to yours...

I’m probably not going to be able to tell you anything you don’t already know:  true partnership takes work. It requires balance. And after the hearts and stars and unicorns pooping rainbows subside into normal, everyday life, being with someone becomes a choice. You choose to love with purpose when the going gets tough. You choose to accept your partner for who they are, not who you think they should be. You choose to open up and grow alongside your mate instead of shut down and shrink. Despite all the darkness, you make a positive choice. You choose light. I was involved with a man who left me alone on every major holiday, and all the ones in between, including my birthday, which is quite frankly the only day out of 365 that I actually get a bit selfish and want my loved ones around me. (Well, that and probably Thanksgiving ;)  I bring this up not because I blame him, but to point out that simply being with someone will not cure loneliness and will not stop you from feeling alone. Just like you can feel absolutely alone in a crowded room, that was probably one of the loneliest times of my life. I was lonelier in that relationship than if I was just flying solo down the free highway of love. The lack of sincerity behind our relationship left a weeping, stagnant emptiness in my heart the longer I stayed in it.

Loving with wild abandon takes courage, and it isn’t just because you have to put yourself out there. You have to be brave because it’s not just about putting your emotions and needs out there. You have to listen. You have to truly see how you’re being accepted. You have to allow and adapt for another person who also has their own journey and needs, and recognize they’re trying to figure things out, too. They’re not going to be perfect, and they’ll make mistakes and fart at inappropriate times. It means it’s not just about you getting things off your chest -- but that you have to hear the response and the answer back. Loving with wild abandon is surrendering yourself to being present and listening to your lover. It means the two of you walk together on the path, helping balance each other out and sharing your dreams, fitting together like puzzle pieces that are different but complementary. If you get lost behind any insincerity in what you think something or someone should be, or give up when it’s simply just a fork in the road that’s offering you a choice, you lose the power to let go and be free, sharing and living your dream alongside someone, a true partner who allows you to surrender and just be.

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”  ~~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Designer/Stylist: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole

Yogi: @docjenfit / Photography: imagine.capture

Let's Take a Cultural Adventure Celebrating Our Mothers Around the World!


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Moeder. Ahm. Majka. Maman. Mutter. Makuahine. Madre. Mama.Emak.

No matter what language you speak, a motherly, nurturing love radiates across cultures and needs no translation. Your mother claimed you from the moment you took root in her womb and arrived into the world with your first breath. Or she adopted your little spirit and brought it to the home where it belonged. Or perhaps someone special in your life is like a mother to you! A mother’s love for her child is unparalleled, and you would not have been born without one. You are her daughter. And moreover, every mother began as a daughter, too!

Join us in celebrating the singular relationship of mothers with their daughters, and share a picture of the two of you doing something together that you love! Best of all, take 20% off our Daughters of Culture apparel and treat yourself and your mother this Mother’s Day to stunning, unique patterns that honor the beauty and blessings of womanhood!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

From the Indigo, An Even Deeper Blue – T’ien-t’ai


Life throws us unexpected curve balls at the most inopportune times. How we choose to react in the face of difficulty speaks volumes about our character. Difficulties can either be a trampoline that launches us up into the air -- or they can cause us to retreat into submission.

Feed your soul with a practice that keeps you centered, focused and strong for when inevitable challenges arise. A practice like yoga, meditation, chanting, religion, or simply a walk on the beach with your fellow sisters in life will cultivate that constant inner sense of peace. Facing a challenge isn’t easy – that is why we need a practice to keep us grounded! It is a preparation of the heart; everyday repetition will write your strength on your heart in order to calm any rough waters and free your spirit to dance alongside the waves. 

Ancient Chinese thinker T’ien-t’ai said, ‘from the indigo, an even deeper blue.’ The more you dip the fabric of your life repeatedly in the blue ink of the indigo plant, the more you will come out a gorgeous shade of blue that is actually deeper than the indigo itself. Likewise, the more you practice your inner sense of strength through whatever means feels right for you, the deeper and more joyful your life becomes! 

Share your practice in your favorite pair of #daughtersofculture leggings on Instagram!

It’s an answer to a lie...


I know a secret about the universe. Actually, it’s not really a secret. It’s an answer to a lie, one that we tell ourselves, one that we’ve dialed in to. This lie manifests in different ways – that we’re not pretty, that we deserved that promotion more, that everyone else is married but me, that everyone else is ‘getting it’ but me, that we can’t afford something, that if we don’t hurry there won’t be any left for us. It’s a pretty magnificent lie that knows how to mask itself as the truth. But really? The lie is simply us saying ‘no’ to ourselves. We tell ourselves that who we are and what we have are not enough. And we go through life feeling like we have to deplete ourselves in order to give, since we will run out of whatever it is. Like it’s a sacrifice. As if we need to deny ourselves something, or give parts of ourselves away that we don’t give back. It’s that voice in our head that says it is simply not possible to give without giving something UP. 

While I don’t consider myself an expert, as a practicing Buddhist for eight years now, one of the biggest discoveries I made was learning that giving has nothing to do with sacrificing. It goes much deeper than that martyring ‘tis merrier to give than to receive’ concept that people parrot back to each other. And it is an answer to a lie that who we are and what we have are never enough. What opened my world was understanding that there is always enough, for everyone. And in fact – there is so much abundance in life that you could never give all of it away even if you tried! What’s more, the more you give, the brighter your own light shines not only for those you give to, but for your own path as well. 

I felt like someone handed me the keys to the universe and said ‘the world is your oyster, now go and have fun!’ The more I give out of my own sincerity, the more I really become present with someone I am giving something to (anything – time, monetary, support, whatever it is) – the more absolute joy I feel. In the end, even though on the surface, it’s me giving to them? They are actually giving to me, the kind of giving that doesn’t deplete anyone. Truly, abundance is everywhere. We all have everything we need.  We actually have everything we need, and more. The not-so-secret of the universe is that the simple act of giving from your heart brightens the way for everyone.

World of Culture


Our world is so big & beautiful! So many magical places to see, one culture at a time. Part of our journey has been sourcing fabrics & materials, while traveling finding hidden gems without ever looking for it. We know it can be difficult visiting a foreign country, a lot of research & planning goes into it. We're here to help out! In our 'World of Culture' blog we will share beautiful places we visit, unnoticed art that we come across & all other creative things that inspire us.  All the must see's!! We like to find the underground, not so known findings which really gives you the feel of the culture.

Culture x Travel x Art


Cinque Terre, Italy

While researching our travels to Italy, there were so many places we wanted to visit but not nearly enough time. Randomly we came across a small village off the coast of the Italian Riviera & we knew that was one of the places we wanted to go!

Filled with colorful buildings, open markets & street festivals, seemed as though people living here were always in celebration! Cinque Terre consisted of 5 small villages, Monterosso being the largest so that's were we decided to stay. Hiking from village to village, over looking the beautiful Mediterranean sea & eating delicious Italian delicacy's. This was definitely a place we didn't want to leave. Unfortunately we had too, doesn't mean we won't be coming back!


Santa Barbara, CA

Beautiful sunsets and all the beauty that surrounds her. Sometimes a short getaway, is better than no getaway. Driving along the coast, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and letting the wind wash away all expectations & thoughts.  There was a sense of stillness looking into the ocean that was so peaceful, so needed in that moment.


Oh Firenze, Italia!

She's a beautiful city! I got the privilege of visiting Florence a while back and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. A friend of mine introduced me to someone who lived out there, little did I know she was going to show us the best of the city. Her family owned a beautiful home in Tuscany, in the middle of the vineyards. She drove us around town, introducing us to some of the best spots and the most beautiful scenery. The Piazalle Michelangelo, was something out of a story book, with views of the entire city & tallest Cathedral.  We got to taste the freshest wines, from winery's that have been passed down generation to generation. This city had such a great energy.


Olvera Street, CA

This place is such a hidden gem! Tucked away, surrounded by the busy downtown city is a small strip of stores selling traditional Mexican gifts. You really feel like your in Mexico, especially with the delicious authentic Mexican restaurants you can't resist!

As a tourist attraction, Olvera Street is a living museum paying homage to a romantic vision of old Mexico. Olvera Street is the oldest part of downtown, Los Angeles, with 27 buildings from the 1800's still standing today.

A must see while your in Los Angeles!

Big Bear Lake, CA

A group of us got together last weekend and spent a few days frolicking around the campsite, enjoying the fresh smelling pine trees and cooking under the stars. Such a well needed trip! Sometimes a little weekend trip is better than no vacation. Think positively, it's not always about the big fancy long vacations, sometimes a little getaway is better than no getaway. Give yourself a break from your routine, it will open up your eyes to bigger and better things when you get back.  We got to canoe,  hike around and enjoy taking a dip in the fresh lake water. Definitely looking forward to going back for round 2. Reminder for next time to pack the thickest socks possible, it was freezing at night!


San Fran X Sausalito, CA