A story, written in a poetic form to best express the journey of designer Peggy Khoucasian.
Take with you, what sits in your heart and let yourself feel the journey of life.


Torn from Armenia and woven by the power of ancient blood Daughters of Culture was welded into form in Exodus and rooted in Saudi Arabia. Sown in a time when family held true value and neighbors shared unconditional love. The community had a beat of its own and through matters of heart alone created the concept of design that Daughters of Culture has today.

Three years later a journey was unveiled. Secrets were told through the whispers of dusty roads staged between stone structures casting shadows over the mystical expressions of Syria. A spirit of freedom was formed in the presence of five incredible women that gave the purpose of style to Daughters of Culture. The matriarch of that family unit was an impeccable seamstress that defined the essence of purity. Her steady hand was more than physical and taught the importance of balance and grace.

The foundation of Daughters of Culture was tested as the excess of illustration was replaced with the modesty of a one bedroom home in the United States. There, 4 souls became one body and freedom was found in the confines of a small tepee constructed in the corner of that small home.

But, when Daughters of Culture seemed nothing more than expressions of minimalism, strong women became instrumental to the next stages of development. It came from a mother that spoke 6 different languages, self—teaching herself French by highlighting phrases in a French magazine and writing translations in the margin. Though in a foreign place she never met a stranger and showed that power is only limited by the acceptance of fear. Even with that, it took the influence of passionate and captivating women in the business world to guide Daughters of Culture to embrace the risks it desired to take.

Today Daughters of Culture is ready to be the force that it was created to be. Through its evolution, the individual cycles of life are snapshots of a purpose that is being defined on a daily basis. This is our story. However, when your story and your journey meet ours on the pathway of life we realize that together we’re all the Daughters Of Culture.

blessed are the curious