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◢ 1:1 Styling + (Branding)


Spiritual Styling is a-whole other experience!

I am so grateful you have landed here. My 1:1 Coaching sessions are all about tapping into your divine presence & bringing that out in visualization form. When you are launching a product, a service or a program your customer is receiving an experience of your work. The colors, the mood, the feelings start to surface as well as a connection starts to build. This is an important part of the Customer Experience. With the world being so busy my focus is always to hone in on the unique gifts you are providing & with that we map out business strategies to create a fluid customer connection.

My coaching sessions include an overall blueprint that fits your business. I curate a unique client brand kit which includes an over all brand image, color scheme, a story board experience for you customer to tap into. 

My 1:1 calls integrate a combination of self awareness practices & tools that you can integrate in your daily work scheduling. I have seen when my clients have truly connected to self & finding their truth, they start to draw in abundance.

It becomes a ripple effect. & it starts with you.

I am here to support you, so if this feels like a YES to you I am ready to explore this journey with you!

Here are some area's we will tap into:

  • Connective Branding
  • Spiritual Styling
  • Authentic Brand Kit
  • Social Media Support
  • Integration Tools (Email, Webinars, etc)
  • Tapping into the Feminine Awareness with Movement Practices
  • Generating Internal Power & Energy
  • Abundance Strategies 
  • Worthiness Practices 
  • Uncovering Money Blocks
  • A Blueprint that feels Aligned
  • Creative Structure Elements 
  • Your Flow of Action Steps
  • Sacred Create Daily Rituals 
  • Focus Wheels

The Process

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