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Our Cleo Jumpsuit is the perfect addition to our collection of jumpsuits!
The up-cycled & locally resourced material is an ultra-comfy perfect for any go to occasion! Dress up or dress down, choose to practice in it or wear it lounging around the house.
You won't have an excuse to take it off!
Because of the double layer portion on top you feel supported, your choice of going braless or not! Fabric wraps to your body & feels light enough so you don't feel constricted.
What we love most is that we can literally do anything in this jumpsuit. We are always working on designing pieces that are versatile that they travel with you to all parts of the world as well as staying in your life for many years to come. 
We hope you love it so much you will wear the many colors we offer!
We make everything here in our own neighborhood of Los Angeles, & our goal is to stay connected and have the human connection with our staff. 
Fabric Content: 95% Modal/5% Spandex
We hope this style becomes a staple in your wardrobe! 

The Process

We're ethically sourced: DOFC only uses fair trade materials produced in small batches by sustainable business models and environmentally friendly fabrics.

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