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Gua Sha Stone {Facial Tool for Vitality}


Gua Sha Facial Tool for Vitality ~ Bian Stone 

After years of being introduced to skincare products, tools & techniques I decided to share some of my favorite products with you all!

I am so excited to be offering skin care products on your healing journey as I have seen this help me so much.

Part of our feminine inner connection is bringing daily practice & focus to areas that need our support. Through massage & touch this helps brings circulation to areas that have been deprived. I have been using these tools on both my face & areas of my body I feel tightness around & have seen huge results when I have been consistent.

I always say ~ it's about consistency & it can start with 5 minutes a day!

Prioritize yourself & make time for you, because when you love on your self you can  love bigger with others. Your energy will radiate, & your skin will show! I get people saying to me, wow you are glowing & I say no I'm not pregnant! Lol 

It's the combination of the oils while massaging in & circulating the tissues, this brings a vitality that is indescribable.

Only you will know & feel this transformation. I have designed a unique kit of products that I would like to share with you. This is a great started kit if this is a new practice to you. 

(Option to buy products separately incase you have 1 or more of the items.)

Healing Body Kit for Vitality is coming soon...


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We're ethically sourced: DOFC only uses fair trade materials produced in small batches by sustainable business models and environmentally friendly fabrics.

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