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High Waist Sassy Brief


A sassy brief-style bottom for all your swimwear needs or just throw em on with a breezy top for your best RollerGirl impression ;) The latest addition to our DOFC line, our High Waist Spanky pairs with absolutely all of our tops! It's the perfect bikini mix-n match piece, awesome for hot yoga if you dislike wearing lots of clothing when you sweat and just a straight up super-hot piece with ultimate versatility.

The waterproof and lightweight fabric of our shorts moves with you to hug your curves and keep you comfortable via moisture wicking and 4-way stretch. Get it in Mystic Black, Bronze, Denim and Teal for endless wardrobe choices. It's like getting a gazillion bikinis for the price one, not to mention super sexy styling options for all your other tops. Try pairing it with tights and fun high top kicks, too, for a kitschy look. Ships 3/30/19

  • 82% Nylon/ 18% Spandex
  • Dry Wicking *Anti Microbial *4-Way Stretch

Size info:

XS/S Waist: 25"-28" Hip: 34"-38

M/L Waist: 29"-33" Hip: 38"-42"

SKU: SQ4505926

The Process

We're ethically sourced: DOFC only uses fair trade materials produced in small batches by sustainable business models and environmentally friendly fabrics.

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