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If you empower a woman, you can change the world. ~Oprah

When the women of the first world continue to stand and uplift the women of the third world, we will unite as one.

When you think of an Empowered Woman, what is the first word that comes to your mind?

A Leader?
A President?
A Healer?
A Creator?
A Lover?
A Mother?
A Daughter?

The #IAMADAUGHTER CAMPAIGN shows the endless expressions amidst the essence of a woman; A Daughter.

A vision brought to life uniting women of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds to display the fluid and connected nature of being a woman. It doesn’t take long for women gathered in a room together to quickly recognize ways to support one another.

She will do it when she is angry.

She will do it when she feels betrayed.

She will do it when she is deeply wounded.

We lost one another somewhere along the way. When we began to value achievement above connection. External acceptance above inner radiance. Stoic strength above enchanting vulnerability.

....But we are finding each other once again.

May we all aspire to fully embrace the Empowered Woman within us. For it is only then when we can truly inspire the power of another. Respected for our minds. Admired for our hearts. Connected for our vision.

And may we do it with honesty, strength, and most of all, with heart.

With Infinite Love,
DOFC sisters...

Written by Silvy Khoucasian
Stylist & Assistant Director /  Peggy Khoucasian
Photographer & Assistant Director / Nolwen Cifuentes
Video & Editor / Kim Bodem

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