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The Divine Mother


We so fortunate to have incredible, strong women & amazing mothers who are a part of our Daughters of Culture community! A few have graciously gotten personal with us about the awesome adventure of motherhood. Check out some of their beautiful thoughts on being a mother & carrying the heart of their children everywhere.


Ashley Moss

Ashley Moss


 Everyday, I enjoy taking a moment to give thanks and praise. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I thank my God, my family, and my baby for this journey. There will be so many things I will discover on how to be the the right mom for my baby. I look forward to the knowledge I will gain and the new experiences I will go through while I serve as a mother. AND, I simply can’t wait to hold that warm little body who will be calling me mama for the rest of his life!  

Tara Huff

Yoga and Motherhood

Share yoga with your child

You know that your life is about to change forever when you are expecting your first child, but it is nearly impossible to know how, exactly things will be different. You have your childhood experiences to draw from. There are plenty of books to reference. Then there are mothers, friends, doctors, nurses and midwifes who each have their own experiences and opinions to share. You can be well prepared, but you never truly know what to expect until you become a mom and experience it yourself.

When my first child was born, I never felt more love in my life than I did at that moment. I experienced love on a whole new level. The love you feel for your child is like no other. I also quickly realized that the pregnancy books I read lied to me. Baby’s poop at least twice as many times in a day than the books quoted…

Another fun aspect of being a mother that I overlooked is that I get to relive my childhood. I’m fortunate to be able to live in the same small community that I was raised. My kids and I take nature walks, garden in our backyard, go sledding and make snow angles, visit the same swimming holes my parent took me to, and I’m probably more excited to teach them how to skip rocks at the river this summer than they are!

I’m not going to lie; my practice has changed since having kids. I practiced yoga off and on for 16 years before I had children. Although my practice may look different now, one aspect remains constant, my breath. As cliché as it may sound, paying attention to my breath is how I release stress and allow my body and mind to find balance. Breathing is my go to tool. It is always right there ready to utilize! In short, being a mother can really try your patience. It’s about recognizing when things get hard and breathing through those moments.


 Sophie Jaffe

Tara Huff Yoga mother

Peace in motherhood through yoga

You absolutely must give yourself as much self-love as you need without a grain of guilt. Until you are filled UP, you can not give fully to your little loves, friends, husbands, and others in your life. Take long baths when the kids are asleep, drink that glass of wine, book that massage, go out with your best friend. This is okay AND necessary in order to truly be present with your babes.

I was shocked to observe that almost all of my body issues and food issues essentially vanished after having children. I think watching my body go through 9 months of change in the most amazing of ways—to create a beautiful baby—made me get outside my own head and obsessive thoughts about not being good enough. Being a mother is an honor, and being a woman with the ability to create, grow, and birth a child is a blessing. I treat myself much more as a blessing now than ever before in life. It’s helped me to find PEACE with who I am.

Gaby Lanz

Gaby Lanz - Yoga

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