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Your Body And Mind Will Be Grateful


2016 has set its tone, and the holiday is so close we can almost smell it! Your body & mind are in need of a detox that will prepare you for the cold season & the awakening of nature. What better way to do it than through clean, nutritious, delicious food & yoga practice!

Vinyasa yoga allows your body to flow gracefully from one asana to another, dancing to the rhythm of your own breath. Every inhale enters a pose & every exhale deepens it.

It’s Like A Little Show You Play For Yourself.

You can make it as intense or relaxing as you want, playing with asanas as you practice. Sometimes your body might surprise you and take an unexpected turn, resulting in an asana you never thought you could perform or a feeling you have never felt before.

Being a dancer my whole life, my body fell in love with the creative and natural style of vinyasa, & it’s my favorite one to teach. This February, I wanted to explore Ardha C Ardha Chandra Chapasana & the way I like to enter it the most - through Natarajasana.

This transition is one of my favorites because it incorporates a little bit of everything - stretching, balance, forward bending, a little twisting & backbending. It brings new energy to your body, strengthens your core & opens up your heart, which all combined, detoxifies your body in a wonderful, natural way.

  1. Starting from Tadasana, the first step is to find balance on your working leg. Take a deep breath and reach for your toes. Push your hips forward and feel the mula bandha & uddiyana bandha working to center your body.

  2. From here, inhale, open your heart and pull your leg back & up, leaning forward & reaching with your other arm into a mudra in front of your face. Relax your shoulders & smile. Feel your center, and take 5 deep ujjayibreaths.

  3. On your 5th inhale, reach forward and exhale as your fingertips touch the ground diagonally off your foot. Open your heart & inhale, allowing fresh oxygen into your lungs & pull your leg behind your back as much as your body needs to fully stretch out. Stay for a couple of breaths and slowly com back to Tadasana. Now, of course, repeat on the other side.

Combining Yoga Practice With Healthy Food Is The Ultimate Way To Prepare Yourself. 

Give yourself that extra boost of energy we all need when winter fades away. Your body & mind will definitely be grateful for it.

Writing + Visuals by Karla Tafra

Apparel by @daughtersofculture

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