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Something Fresh: Just in time for Summer, the Prana Wrap Bra in Mystic Black

We see that fierce lioness trapped inside you who craves her fitness fix! Wrap your fun-loving, naughty side in our summer Prana Wrap Bra for all your adventures! Aptly named for prana, or the original life-force, meet our cozy and magnificent new Prana Wrap Bra, showcasing your vibrant life force wherever you go. Tie it around your heart for your own sexy, signature styling during everything from cross fit to yoga to jogging to a hawt date. Get it in Mystic Black to match pretty much everything in your closet. We know, Kittenpants – you have a joie de vivre that demonstrates you are a force to be reckoned with. Rawr.

Prana Wrap Bra - Yoga Clothing

Yogi Jen Esquer

Prana Wrap Bra outfit

Stylist/Designer: Peggy Khoucasian  /  Writer: Christie Cole

Photographer: Shawna Wilson  /  Yogi: Jen Esquer

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